I was an Olympian athlete in judo back in the 1970s. Because judo is done in bare feet, there were many occasions where I injured my great toe. As a result, in 2003, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my toe. It was quite painful and difficult to walk.

After some research, I was disappointed with corrective procedures until I came across BioPro. I located a surgeon in Windsor, Ontario and proceeded with the surgery. Unfortunately, after a year, due to my failure to follow proper rehab directions, my range of motion was less than desirable. I had to go back to have scar tissue removed from the joint.

However since 2004, I have not had any issues with my great toe and the procedure has been a great success. My experience with the restoration of joint function has really impressed upon me how important the great toe is in daily activity.

I heartily recommend the BioPro implant to anyone who is experiencing issues with their great toe.