Bone Bank Allografts


Bone Bank Allografts

BioPro is an authorized distributor for Bone Bank Allografts.

  • Sterile Traditional Bone Allografts
  • Sterile Soft Tissue Allografts
  • Sterile Precision Speciality Allografts
  • Sterile Demineralized Bone Matrix
  • Sterile Demineralized Cortical Bone

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PalinGen Membrane


PalinGen® Membrane

PalinGen Membrane, Hydromembrane, X-Plus Membrane and X-Plus Hydromembrane are amniotic membrane grafts that provide a wound covering and support for native tissues.

  • Allografts may be sutured, glued, or simply positioned based on clinician preference
  • May be trimmed to any desired size and shape
  • Easily resorbed in vivo
  • Chorion free
  • Available in a variety of sizes: 1x1cm up to 8x8cm
  • Recommended storage is in a clean, dry environment at ambient temperature until expiration
  • Membranes may be refrigerated

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PalinGen Flow and InovoFlo


PalinGen® Flow and PalinGen® InovoFlo™

PalinGen® Flow is amniotic tissue allografts containing cellular components, cytokines, growth factors and extracellular matrix proteins that are naturally found in amniotic tissues.

An advancement in regenerative medicine utilizing minimally manipulated amniotic fluid, PalinGen® InovoFlo™ is a human allograft comprised of amniotic fluid components intended for homologous use to supplement tissue for protection, cushioning and lubrication.

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