Tendon Anchor System™

The Tendon Anchor System (T.A.S.) is a toothed, titanium anchor designed for soft tissue reattachment to bone. The sutureless design simplifies soft tissue reattachment and allows for increased pull-out strength.1

  • No suture required, eliminating the tendon-suture interface, the most common failure mode in soft tissue attachment.
  • Simple placement and fixation technique with no pre-drilling required, reducing OR time.
  • Provides greater surface area coverage resulting in 3 times greater pull-out strength vs standard suture anchors.
  • Low-profile (1mm) anchors reduce soft tissue irritation.
  • No tendon detachment required for implantation or removal.
  • Blunt teeth prevent over-compression allowing for microcirculatory blood flow crucial to the healing process.

1-Hole Anchor

The 1-Hole 10mm anchor is ideal for a variety of tendon attachment procedures, with the Kidner procedure being the most common. The anchor measures 10mm x 9.5mm and is secured by one 3.0 x 15mm or 3.0 x 20mm cancellous bone screw. The anchor is preloaded in a cannulated holder that facilitates anchor placement and allows for easy screw insertion.

The sterile packaged 1-Hole Tendon Anchor System includes:

(1) 10mm Anchor
(1) Holder
(1) T-7 Driver
(1) 3.0 x 15mm self-drilling screw
(1) 3.0 x 20mm self-drilling screw

2-Hole Anchor

The 2-Hole 26mm anchor is ideal for Achilles attachment. The anchor measures 26mm x 10mm and is secured by two 3.0 x 15mm or 3.0 x 20mm cancellous bone screws. The system includes an olive k-wire for temporary fixation.

The sterile packaged 2-Hole Tendon Anchor System includes:

(1) 26mm Anchor
(1) Olive k-wire
(1) T-7 Driver
(2) 3.0 x 15mm self-drilling screw
(2) 3.0 x 20mm self-drilling screw

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† Based on surgeon feedback