Tendon Anchor System

Soft tissue attachment simplified.

System Overview

The BioPro Tendon Anchor System (T.A.S.) is a toothed, titanium anchor designed for soft tissue reattachment to bone. The sutureless design simplifies soft tissue reattachment and allows for increased pull-out strength.1

Clinical Benefits

No Suture Required

The screw + washer interface eliminates the most common mode of failure with traditional attachment methods; the tendon-suture interface.2 The self-drilling + self-tapping screw design allows for easy application, reducing overall procedure time.

Improved Pull-Out Strength

The anchors feature 2mm staggard teeth that engage multiple fiber bundles to provide ~3x pull-out strength of traditional suture anchors.1 The blunt teeth are designed not to penetrate bone, preventing tendon over compression.

Low Profile

The low profile design of the anchor features recessed screw holes, allowing the screw head to sit flush with the anchor, preventing implant prominence.

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Anchor Options

One-Hole Anchor
10mm x 9.5mm
Kit Contents
(1) anchor, (1) holder, (1) 3.0x15mm screw, (1) 3.0x20mm screw, (1) screwdriver
Two-Hole Anchor
26mm x 10mm
Kit Contents
(1) anchor, (1) Olive K-wire, (2) 3.0x15mm screw, (2) 3.0x20mm screw, (1) screwdriver


Kidner Procedure

Haglunds Procedure

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* BioPro Tendon Anchor System Clinical Evluation Report