PSL Hip System

Few hip designs in today’s marketplace take advantage of the known forces present in the femur. Long term stability of a total hip prosthesis requires an implant design and fixation technique that simulates the normal transmission of weight bearing forces through the prosthesis to the supporting bone structure.

The PSL Hip System comes in 3 configurations to provide flexibility for the surgeon to accommodate the needs of the patient. The Living Hip or Ultra short hip stem helps address the issue of thigh pain in some patients. The elasticity of bone is greater than that of metal; therefore, if a stem extends into the anterior bow of the femur it can cause irritation and pain. The Living Hip is proximal to the area of the bend, reducing the chances of irritation to the femur.

The PSL Stem is offered in 3 stem lengths and up to 13 different stem diameters to meet patient requirements. All the PSL Stems continue the principals of Wolff’s Law while adding additional length desired for many applications.

PSL Stems photograph

Wolff’s Law

Dr. Charles Townley based his PSL (Physiological Stress Loaded) design on Wolff’s law which states that “bone grows and remodels in response to the forces that are placed upon it”. The PSL design has clinically demonstrated its ability to resist bone loss due to proximal stress shielding by positioning the collar perpendicular to the resultant forces, Which maximizes the recreation of natural forces.


The PSL Hip System comes with multiple femoral head options including:
•Ceramic Femoral Heads in 28mm and 32mm diameters
•Cobalt Chrome Femoral Heads in 22mm, 28mm, 32mm, and 36mm diameters
•Uni Polar Heads from 38mm to 55mm diameters
•Bipolar Head Options from 38mm to 60mm diameters

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