Modular Thumb Implant

The BioPro® Modular Thumb Implant is a two-piece implant consisting of a head and a press-fit plasma-sprayed stem. The Modular Thumb is designed to address carpometacarpal (CMC) joint arthritis and the challenges with past implants including dislocation, implant loosening, and subluxation.1,2

  • Modular design allows for 48 total size configurations
  • 92.5-94% implant survivorship1,2
  • 97% patient satisfaction1
  • Recovery on average 10 weeks faster than LRTI1
  • Return of strength

Titanium Plasma Spray

The stem features titanium plasma spray on the backside of the implant as well as underneath the platform. This allows for improved in-growth while still allowing the stem to be easily removed if necessary.

Ulnar Alignment

The stem features a 15 degree varus angle resulting in an ulnar alignment of the implant which directs the head of the implant to prevent dislocation during flexion and opposition.

48 possible configurations

The system features four stem sizes for the metacarpal, four head diameters, and three head heights (offsets/neck lengths) for the trapezium. The patented modular design allows the head to be sized independently of the stem to match the patient’s anatomy.

The patient preferred treatment.

Patients are seeking alternatives to traditional procedures due to the long recovery times and limited revision options available. Our data proves that patients previously treated with an LRTI on their contralateral hand prefer the implant over the LRTI procedure.1 Listen to Ruth share her experience after receiving both an LRTI and a BioPro Modular Thumb Implant.

What are surgeons saying?

Design Rationale

The carpometacarpal (CMC) joint is one of the only joints in the human body that provides polyaxial movement. The high amount of maneuverability and non-congruent surfaces makes the joint intrinsically unstable, resulting in a high occurrence of osteoarthritis.

The BioPro Modular Thumb Implant uses a patented, customizable approach that allows the head of the implant to be maximized, evenly distributing the forces across the trapezium, reducing the incidence of trapezial remodeling and metacarpal subsidence. Additionally, three head offsets/neck lengths are available for joint tensioning. The modularity along with the stem ulnar alignment has nearly eliminated the most common failure modes of previous designs; dislocation and implant loosening.1,2

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Surgical demonstration of the Modular Thumb Implant

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