Horizon® Subtalar Implant

System Overview

The BioPro Horizon® Subtalar Implant is used for the treatment of flexible flatfoot and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in both children and adults. 

Clinical Benefits

Restores Alignment

Implanted within the sinus tarsi, it is designed to block excessive pronation and elevate the talus while allowing subtalar joint motion.1

Minimally Invasive and Reversible

If correction or pain relief is not achieved, the implant may be removed through a small incision.1

Quick Recovery

Subtalar arthroreisis allows for quick recovery and pain relief compared to other surgical interventions.1

Preventing further Arthrosis

A smooth lateral surface ensures both the talus and calcaneus interface with a smooth surface during pronation. The slight taper stabilizes the implant during pronation and protects against lateral migration.

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