Digital Compression Screw (D.C.S)

System Overview

The Digital Compression Screw (D.C.S.) is a solid, stainless steel screw specifically designed to address digital fusions. The 1.5mm and 1.8mm diameters range from 20mm to 55mm in length, allowing for fusion of the DIPJ, PIPJ, or both.

Clinical Benefits

Stability and Compression

The lag design combined with a unique over-drilling technique allows for compression across the fusion site. The threads purchase into cortical bone, improving stability and reducing the chance of rotation or residual flexion.

Buried Fixation

Unlike traditional k-wire fixation, the DCS is buried beneath the skin, allowing for patients to wear a stiff-soled postoperative shoe. After fusion is achieved, the technique allows for simple in-office screw removal.

Fusion of DIPJ and PIPJ

Unlike intramedullary fixation devices, the DCS allows for fusion of both the DIPJ and PIPJ reducing the chance of mallet toe.

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