Bone Bank Allografts

  • SteriFuse® Crunch™ consists of SteriFuse® DBM putty with cortical cancellous bone chips
  • SteriFuse® DBM Putty – Made from 100% demineralized human bone
  • SteriScaf® Cortical Bone Fibers – Interwoven demineralized bone fibers provide a unique scaffold for bone formation
  • SteriGraft® Cortical-Cancellous Crushed available in 5cc, 10cc, 15cc and 30cc
  • SteriGraft® Cancellous Crushed available in 5cc, 10cc, 15cc and 30cc

Additional SteriGraft® include Illium Tricortical Block, Cortical Cancellous Strut, Patella Block, Cortical Plate, Fibula Shaft, Femoral Head, Hemi Patellar Tendon, Whole Patellar Tendon with or without Quad, Pre-Shaped Patellar Tendon, Achilles Tendon with and without Bone Block, Pre-Shaped Achilles Tendon, Gracilis Tendon, Semitendinosus Tendon, Tibialis Tendon Anterior, Tibialis Tendon Posterior, Peroneus Longus Tendon, Plantaris Tendon, Fascia Lata, Pericardium, and more.

BioPro is an authorized distributor for Bone Bank Allografts 

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