About us

For over three decades, BioPro has been dedicated to developing implants and surgical devices designed to reduce pain and restore functionality for patients with orthopedic conditions. Our extremity-focused portfolio includes established implants and innovative technology, giving patients and surgeons access to a distinctive range of solutions.

Our Story

 Founded as a research and development company for world-renowned surgeon, Charles Townley, MD, BioPro has been a quiet leader in the orthopedic market since we first incorporated in 1987. Originally focused on large joints, BioPro entered the underserved extremity market by acquiring one of Dr. Townley’s original implant designs, the first-ever hemi resurfacing implant for the base of the proximal phalanx. The early clinical success and popularity of the First MPJ Hemi Implant was the driving force behind the design and development of several innovative product lines to better serve our customers.

In 2004, BioPro introduced a redesigned version of another early Dr. Townley design—an implant for the carpometacarpal joint. The patented two-piece design of the Modular Thumb Implant effectively resolved issues surgeons had raised about competing designs, such as dislocation and subluxation. While the acceptance of thumb joint replacement by surgeons in the US took time to gain momentum, BioPro has remained at the forefront of the industry.

Today, BioPro is responsible for the production and packaging of our brand and as a partner to other medical device companies. We are uniquely positioned as one of the few privately held orthopedic device companies in the US, with development, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.

Our Values

At the core of our company lies the philosophy of “Design by Reason,” a mantra championed by our founder, Charles Townley, MD. This guiding principle emphasizes the replication of normal anatomy and the transmission of stress to supporting bone in a physiologically sound manner in all our designs.

Beyond mere implant design, this philosophy steers us towards creating products with a purpose, not merely following industry trends. Charles Townley’s vision drives us to develop solutions grounded in reason and efficacy, ensuring that every product we deliver serves a distinct purpose in advancing patient care and surgical outcomes.


At BioPro, we are committed to empowering surgeons with unparalleled support and resources. Through hands-on cadaver labs, meticulously outlined surgical techniques, and the expertise of our sales team, we ensure that every surgeon has the tools they need to treat their patient’s orthopedic conditions.

In 2020, we introduced BioPro University, an online training platform designed to educate our distributors and employees on all aspects of BioPro products and the latest advancements in surgical techniques. Additionally, our extensive library of surgical videos provides surgeons with a comprehensive resource to review and refine their skills, ensuring the highest standards of patient care.

At BioPro, we are dedicated to advancing surgical excellence and driving positive outcomes for patients worldwide.