NEUROLAC® nerve guides are indicated for reconstruction of a peripheral nerve discontinuity up to 20 mm in patients with a complete division of a peripheral nerve. NEUROLAC® nerve guides provide guidance and protection to regenerated axons and prevent ingrowth of fibrous tissue into the nerve gap during nerve regeneration from the proximal to the distal nerve stump of the transected nerve. Tension-less nerve repair offers optimal nerve healing. There is no need for autologous transplants which eliminates donor site morbidity. NEUROLAC® nerve guides are designed to prevent kinking and collapse and early flexion of joints is feasible.

  • Fully synthetic, biologically inert and clinically proven to be safe.
  • High transparency enables optimal positioning of nerve ends and detection of blood clots.
  • Mechanical properties retained for up to 10 weeks enabling optimal support and protection for the healing nerve.
  • Fully resorbs within 16 months, no removal needed.
  • Thin wall allows easy suturing of (even the smallest) nerve stumps.
  • Prevents ingrowth of fibrous tissue.
  • Ideal for tension-less nerve repair.
  • Retains its form to prevent kinking and collapse.

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