Project Description

First MPJ Hemi Implants

The BioPro First MPJ Hemi Implant is the globally trusted pre-fusion option for the treatment of hallux rigidus/limitus. BioPro offers the most comprehensive phalangeal based hemi implant system, along with the addition of our new patented HemiEDGE.™

Reproducible results

  • On average studies report 95%+ implant survivorship1-12
  • 65+ years of successful, clinical use9
  • Simple instrumentation

Satisfied patients

  • 97% patient satisfaction at 8.3 years1
  • Immediate weight bearing at the discretion of the surgeon
  • Return to activity on average 5 weeks faster than fusion patients1

A trusted pre-fusion option

In the right patient, our implants have been proven to last 20+ years.9. If complications do arise, studies show conversion from a failed hallux phalangeal hemiarthroplasty to arthrodesis have similar success rates to primary arthrodesis.13

The HemiEDGE

Potential complications of hemiarthroplasty include implant subsidence, bone overgrowth and implant migration. The HemiEDGE was designed to address these complications by encompassing the proximal phalanx with an overlapping edge around the medial, lateral and dorsal sides. The implant articulating surface remains consistent with the standard design.