For the past several years, I had been living with a persistent ache in my left hand. Holding a car steering wheel or bicycle handlebar was difficult; opening jars and bags was frustrating; working with tools would require ice therapy afterward. My doctor diagnosed an arthritic CMC joint and would occasionally inject cortisone for relief, this eventually became ineffective.

I was dismayed that the procedure suggested by my doctor essentially removed the arthritic CMC bone and replaced it with soft tissue. I am still active, enjoy using my hands, and was not ready to accept reduced strength permanently. I researched online for engineered alternatives and reached out to some manufacturers for nearby surgeons I could meet with to discuss options. The BioPro representative was very helpful and I soon met with a surgeon he recommended.

Dr. Baublitz evaluated my condition, determined that I was a good candidate for the BioPro thumb implant and we set a date for surgery. The surgery itself was quick; I was in and out of the hospital in a few hours. I had very little pain from the operation, and commented to my wife after three days that it already bothered me less than before surgery!

Two weeks in a cast and three more in a soft brace led to a clean bill of health from the surgeon. I’m now two full months in, almost completely pain-free, and able to open jars with a smile for the first time in years. I am still gaining strength and range of motion, but every day is easier.

I am exceedingly pleased with the result of the BioPro implant surgery and would recommend anyone suffering from an arthritic joint to contact BioPro to locate an experienced surgeon. In fact, I have already decided to seek treatment for an ancient toe injury from another surgeon recommended by BioPro.