The newest advancement in hemi resurfacing implants. The patented HemiEDGE™ improves stability to provide reproducible hallux rigidus correction. 

How we improved stability. 

Edges on the dorsal, medial and lateral side reduce the risk of implant migration side to side and prevents potential plantar cutout, associated with implants placed at an oblique angle.

Replicating the articulating surface.

Naturally, the resected proximal phalanx surface is narrower than the original articulating surface often leading to the use of smaller diameter implants. This can lead to less than ideal dorsiflexion and bony overgrowth surrounding the undersized implant. The HemiEDGE ensures the implant diameter is slightly larger than the resected surface, closer replicating the original phalangeal base. 

Details Matter.

  1. 2mm overlapping edge leaves the plantar surface open to maintain flexor hallucis brevis (FHB) attachment.
  2. Diamond-shaped stem and broaching technique provides intramedullary fixation while maintaining bone stock.
  3. Ultra-thin profile (2.5mm) allows for minimal bone rection and joint decompression.
  4. Visualization windows ensure the implant is fully seated.

The Surgical Procedure 

The HemiEDGE surgical technique is identical to standard phalangeal-based hemi resurfacing with one additional trial step. This time-tested procedure is simple, quick, and effective.  

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