What makes BioPro Hemi Implants Different?

Our founder, Dr. Townley begin implanting his original design in 1952. After BioPro was formed, he obtained the rights to his design in 1991.

Now 30 years later, BioPro has continued to develop the implant and support surgeons that now have decades of experience with our implants and instrumentation. While the BioPro Implant has been replicated, our data, instrumentation, and implant variations continue to separate us from the rest.

Implant Options 

BioPro offers the most comprehensive phalangeal-based implant line.

Porous Coated

Beads placed on the backside of the implant help the bone grow into the implant.


Our patented HemiEDGE™ features an edge to help stabilize the implant, ensure proper placement and prevent overgrowth.

Lesser Implants

BioPro has also smaller implants available for digits 2-5.

Multiple Sizes

Offering 5 sizes for the great toe and 9 sizes for the lesser toes ensures the best possible fit.

Mulitple Materials

Our standard implant is manufactured from Cobalt Chrome which has proven biocompatibility and durability, however, we also offer a titanium version for patients with metal sensitivity.

Ultra Thin

Our implants are similar in size to US coin, allowing for minimal bone removal and maintains soft tissue attachments.

Resurfaces Phalanx

Resurfacing the proximal phalanx avoids the stresses on the metatarsal head, which can be as high as 119% of your bodyweight.

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