Dan’s passion for playing the piano and engaging in precise optical design seemed like distant dreams when he was plagued by the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis in his thumb joint. Frustrated but determined to find a solution, he stumbled upon the BioPro Modular Thumb Implant online in 2020. Although no local surgeon offered this innovative procedure, Dan made a courageous decision to embark on a journey to seek the help he needed. He found his answer in the skilled hands of Dr. Michael Manning, an experienced surgeon based in Las Vegas, NV.

In May of 2021, Dan underwent surgery to replace his left thumb. With the support of an exceptional physical therapy program, the expertise of Dr. Manning, and the design of the implant, Dan’s recovery was quick. Encouraged by the remarkable progress, he opted for surgery on his right thumb just three months later in August 2021.

Now, almost two years have passed since those surgeries, and Dan is overwhelmed with true happiness and deep gratitude. His hands, once hindered by osteoarthritis, have been restored to their full functionality. Dan wholeheartedly embraces his passions once again, using his hands extensively for gardening, engaging in precise microscope work, effortlessly tackling household repairs, and playing piano for “hours straight”.

On August 19, 2021, I had a BioPro implant placed in my right hand.   Earlier, on May 29, 2021, my left hand received its implant. Surprisingly, the wear on my left hand was substantially worse than that of the right and was near the limit of bone remaining for the surgery. Thanks to excellent physical therapy, the surgeon’s skill and your product’s precision, my recovery from the first surgery was complete enough for the second surgery after only about three months. My left hand’s range of motion and strength are much improved, and I will exchange a cast for a removable splint next week.

My surgeon was Dr. Michael Manning, a surgeon you recommended. Dr. Manning practices in Las Vegas, and my wife and I live in Boise, so the trips were an adventure in themselves.  His skill is evident in the fact that the incision on my left hand is already nearly invisible. In my book, he is a superstar.

As a result, I can continue to do optical design, construction, and sales in my little company’s products, and I can also continue playing the piano. Both would have been impossible after LRTI surgery.

I will be happy to endorse the BioPro thumb implant in any way you like. I am a fan of disruptive technology, and yours is the best kind. The choice was easy, and I have never had any doubt that your implant was the right solution.

 I owe you, Dr. Manning,  and BioPro a very large debt of gratitude. – Dan M.