Lesser MPJ Hemi Implant



  • Available in 9 standard sizes to accommodate the anatomy of digits 2-5
  • Minimal bone resection technique
  • Low profile, diamond-shaped stem provides intramedullary fixation
  • For treatment of arthritis, Freiberg’s disease, and metatarsal head fractures
  • Available cannulated for temporary K-wire fixation


Minimal bone resection

The BioPro® Lesser MPJ Hemi Implant is only 2mm thick, requiring minimal bone resection at the base of the proximal phalanx for proper implantation. It is recommended that only the thickness of the implant is resected.

Simple instrumentation

Our simple instrumentation gives you everything you need without over complicating things.



Cannulated versions available

The Cannulated version of the Lesser MPJ Hemi Implant is designed to be utilized in conjunction with an interphalangeal joint fusion where the surgeon wishes to temporarily stabilize the entire digit. The cannulation in the implant allows a k-wire to pass through the implant and into the metatarsal head for stability while fusing an IP joint.