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VIVOSORB® Polymer Film

VIVOSORB® is a flexible bioresorbable polymer film which is designed to separate opposing soft tissues throughout the critical healing process. It is very flexible facilitating the surgeon to optimally position the sheet during surgery. VIVOSORB® is made of 100% synthetic bioresorbable material (micro-biologically safe ) and can be used in a variety of soft tissue surgery applications. VIVOSORB® provides an effective barrier function enabling the tissue to regenerate without interconnective attachment.

Clinical Benefits

  • Minimizing soft tissue attachments
  • Supports and separates opposing soft tissues
  • Fully synthetic
  • Transparency and high flexibility allow for easy and optimal manipulation during surgery
  • Retention of mechanical strength for up to 10 weeks throughout the critical healing period
  • Bioresorbable character allows for safe encapsulation, metabolic breakdown and natural excretion

BioPro is an authorized distributor for Polygancis and Synovis Micro Companies Alliance, Inc.

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