Project Description

Modular Thumb Implant

A clinically proven CMC joint implant solution.1

System Overview

The BioPro Modular Thumb Implant is a two-piece implant consisting of a head and a press-fit plasma-sprayed stem designed to replace an arthritic carpometacarpal (CMC) joint.

Patient Information

Clinical Benefits

Clinically Proven

The BioPro Modular Thumb Implant is a clinically proven joint replacement option, with 94% implant survivorship at 6-years.1

Preserves Trapezium

There are numerous benefits associated with preserving the trapezium including maintaining thumb length, improved cosmetic appearance, and easy revision to LRTI if necessary.1

Faster Recovery

Data shows the Modular Thumb Implant offers faster recovery than traditional LRTI surgery.1

Return of Strength

Data shows the return of strength to the same or greater level than the nonoperative thumb.2

Patient-Specific Fit

The two-piece, modular design allows the head sizing to match the anatomy of the trapezium and the stem sizing to match the metacarpal. A total of 48 implant size configurations are available with the standard heads and stems.

High Patient Satisfaction

Patients previously treated with both LRTI and joint replacement prefer their joint replacement and 97% of overall patients are satisfied with the procedure.1

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Implant Options

3 Head Offsets (Neck Lengths)

4 Head Diameters

4 Stem Sizes


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