VIVOSORB® Polymer Film


VIVOSORB® Polymer Film VIVOSORB® is a flexible bioresorbable polymer film which is designed to separate opposing soft tissues throughout the critical healing [...]

Foot Plating System


A comprehensive plating system merges modern technology with plating basics. The system includes 45 universal plates as well as indication-specific plating families. The plates feature MVA (multiple variable angle) locking technology that allows screws to lock into the plate up to 25 degrees.

NEUROLAC® Nerve Guides


NEUROLAC® nerve guides are indicated for reconstruction of a peripheral nerve discontinuity up to 20 mm in patients with a complete division of a peripheral nerve.

Cannulated Compression Screws


Go-EZ Headed Cannulated Screws and HBS Headless Cannulated Screws are manufactured from implant grade Titanium and available in multiple diameters and lengths. Each screw is individually sterile packed and housed in a protective blister to protect screw threads. This ensures sharp cutting teeth and improves traceability for hospital and patient records.

Osteotec® Silicone Finger Implant


The Osteotec Silicone Finger Implant is a single piece flexible joint replacement implant for the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) and proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints in the hand; commonly due to rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.

MPJ Hemi Implants


The most comprehensive phalangeal based Hemi implant system available on the market today. BioPro Hemi Implants are simple to implant, remove the minimum amount of bone possible, and preserve the anatomy of the toe. The implants are an excellent alternative to arthrodesis, offering patients pain relief and motion.

Tendon Anchor System


The BioPro Tendon Anchor System (T.A.S.) is a toothed, titanium anchor designed for soft tissue reattachment to bone. The sutureless design simplifies soft tissue reattachment and allows for increased pull-out strength.

Clover Staple


The BioPro® Clover Staple is a 3-leg and 4-leg nitinol memory-alloy staple specially designed for intercarpal fusions. The Clover Staple activates at patient body temperature providing dynamic, centralized compression designed to speed up the fusion process.

Modular Thumb Implant


The BioPro Modular Thumb Implant is a two-piece implant consisting of a head and a press-fit plasma-sprayed stem designed to replace an arthritic carpometacarpal (CMC) joint.



The Effi+Pro® is a sterile packed, single-use device designed for manual compression and distraction during orthopedic procedures.

Accu-Cut Osteotomy Guide System


The Accu-Cut Osteotomy Guide System is a disposable, sterile packaged system that includes a guide, two universal saw blades and two 0.045 double trocar K-wires. Using an Accu-Cut Guide in conjunction with your preferred osteotomy ensures precision with all cuts for optimal bone contact and improved fusion success.

Digital Compression Screw


The Digital Compression Screw (D.C.S.) is a solid, stainless steel screw specifically designed to address digital fusions. The 1.5mm and 1.8mm diameters range from 20mm to 55mm in length, allowing for fusion of the DIPJ, PIPJ, or both.

Horizon Subtalar


The BioPro Horizon Subtalar Implant is used for the treatment of flatfoot and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in both children and adults. Implanted within the sinus tarsi, it is designed to block excessive pronation while allowing normal subtalar joint motion.

Memory Staple


The Memory Staple is a nitinol memory-alloy staple designed to provide fast and stable fixation in a variety of procedures. The staple provides dynamic compression design to facilitate bone healing.

Painful Great Toe


The BioPro Implant treats the arthritic joint by resurfacing the phalanx (low force, non-weight-bearing joint side) with a smooth, durable metal implant for the metatarsal head to articulate against.

Wrist Arthritis


Understanding Wrist Arthritis The main two types of arthritis in the wrist are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type [...]

Knee Pain


Understanding Knee Pain The knee is a complex, hinged joint. With support from cartilage, ligaments, and muscles, the two bones at the joint move [...]

Hip Pain


Understanding Hip Pain Your hip is a simple ball and socket joint, where your thigh bone joins with your pelvis. Surrounded by cartilage, muscles, [...]



Understanding Hammertoes An abnormal bending of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and/or even the 5th joint in between the phalanges is known as a hammertoe. [...]

Flat Foot


Understanding Flatfoot Flatfoot is a condition where the arch on the inside border of the foot is flat rather than raised causing the foot [...]



Understanding Bunions Bunions (hallux valgus) are a common foot problem involving the formation of a bump at the base of the big toe joint [...]



The BioPro Fasciotome™ is intended to assist surgeons in percutaneous tenotomies and plantar fasciotomies. The Fasciotome features an extremely sharp, one-sided blade for effortless releases; provided in convenient single-use, sterile packs.

Uni Knee System


The Femoral component of the unicompartmental knee offers less soft tissue and bony destruction which means quicker rehabilitation with a high rate of long term success.

Resurfacing Hip


The BioPro® Total Articular Replacement Arthroplasty is a conservative, bone preserving prosthesis used as a hemi-arthorplasty. The implant requires the resection of one third of the femoral head. Preserving the maximum amount of bone possible.

Total Knee System


The BioPro® TKO (Total Knee Original) knee replacement implant is the third generation of Dr. Townley’s original total knee replacement.

PSL Hip System


The PSL Hip System comes in 3 configurations to provide flexibility for the surgeon to accommodate the needs of the patient.

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