Clover™ Staple



  • Nitinol memory alloy offers compression at patient body temperature
  • 3 and 4-leg designs with 9 sizes of each available
  • Top dimension compresses, creating centralized compression
  • Teeth on legs to prevent back out
  • Low profile to minimize radial impingement
  • Minimal bone resection for maintenance of fusion mass


Low Profile Design/Minimal Resection

The Clover Staple™ is only 1mm thick, requiring minimal bone removal to recess the staple below the dorsal surface of the lunate. The instrumentation allows precise removal of bone to recess the staple just below the surface, maintaining bone stock for a successful fusion while avoiding any risks of impingement.

Constant Centralized Compression

The Clover Staple™ is manufactured from Nitinol, a shape memory alloy. The clover shaped design utilizes strategically placed bends that pull the legs towards the center of the fusion site. When activated, the Clover Staple™ will create a constant compressive force on the bones it is being used to fuse together. Numerous studies have shown that compression speeds the process of fusion. Since the BioPro® Clover Staple™ is fully activated at the patient’s body temperature, it will always maintain its compression levels.



Open Center Design

In order to allow mobilization as early as possible it is important to carefully monitor the status of the joint fusion. The Clover Staple™ is designed to leave the center area of the joints being fused open and visible on x-ray after implantation, allowing frequent monitoring of fusion status.