Accu-Cut® Osteotomy Guides



  • Guides available for most popular distal metatarsal osteotomies procedures 
  • Disposable, sterile procedure packs include guide, custom saw blades and two 0.045 K-wires.
  • Simple technique allows performance of complex osteotomies fast and efficiently.
  • Two point fixation of guide creates stable platform for precise osteotomies.
  • Tight tolerances between guide slots the blade allows for precise and closely opposing osteotomy cuts.
  • The variety of available guides allow for correction in multiple planes.


Precise repeatable cuts

The Accu-Cut® System includes custom universal blades that have inline teeth, which allow for tighter tolerances and the highest level of precision. The guides are mounted on two 0.045 k-wires that ensure the guide stays in place, maintaining straight, even cuts through the entire procedure.

Multiple Procedure Options

Accu-Cut® Guides allow the surgeon to correct one or multiple deformities with one procedure. The standard Chevron guide simply moves the metatarsal head laterally (in one plane), while the Youngswick guide moves it laterally and plantarly (two planes), and the DMAA guide moves the head laterally while rotating it plantarly and medially (three planes).


All-in-one kit

The Accu-Cut® Guides are single-use and are individually sterile packed. The kit includes two sterile saw blades (which fit most saw systems) and two 0.045 double trocar K-wires providing the surgeon with everything needed to perform the desired osteotomy.