Project Description

Titanium Cannulated Screw Systems

Go-EZ Headed Cannulated Screws and HBS Headless Cannulated Screws are manufactured from implant grade Titanium and available in multiple diameters and lengths. Each screw is individually sterile packed and housed in a protective blister to protect screw threads. This ensures sharp cutting teeth and improves traceability for hospital and patient records.

  • Color-coded system allows for quick instrumentation identification
  • Sterile packaged screws eliminate the need for Bio-Burden testing
  • Consignment instrumentation
  • Screw sizes and quantities are customizable to the surgeon’s/hospital’s needs or preferences.
  • Self-Drilling + Self-Tapping cutting teeth

Go-EZ Headed Cannulated Screws*

Ø Length Increments
2.0mm 8-20mm 2mm
2.5mm 10-30mm 2mm
3.0mm 10-40mm 2mm
4.0mm 10-50mm 2mm
6.5mm 30-40mm 2mm
6.5mm 40-120mm 5mm

*Additional sizes available upon request

HBS Headedless Cannulated Screws Self-Drilling + Self-Tapping

Ø Lengths Increments
2.5mm 10-40mm 2mm
3.0mm 10-40mm 2mm

HBS Headless Cannulated Screws Self-Tapping

Ø Lengths Increments
2.5mm 10-30mm 1mm
3.0mm 10-30mm 1mm