At 45 years of age I have led an active and healthy life. An issue that I have dealt with for over two decades is Bunions. When I was in my early twenties I went to see a doctor about my growing pain. I was told surgery could be done and recovery would be a minimum of eight weeks, flat on my back! Like I said, I lead a very active lifestyle. I walk a lot for my job everyday and when not at work I stay active kayaking, cycling, motorcycling, and working around the house and yard. As well as an assortment of other activities, so I grew to expect that my feet would ALWAYS hurt.

By the middle of 2012 the pain was almost unbearable. When I would get home at night, my feet would ache until I went to bed and then it would be made worst by the pressure of the sheets on my feet. So I had my wife look in the directory at work and find a doctor close to the office and someone who could get me in and SOON. This is where Dr. Slavitt enters. I go into the office in Elkridge MD. His staff took x-rays and returned two days later for a consult. Dr. Slavitt was very easy to talk to and very straight forward, which I truly enjoy. He cut right to the point and informed me that both of my feet were bad, very bad, but then again I already knew that. We discussed all the possibilities, including surgery. Once we settled on the date and which foot to start with, we were on our way! On November 5, 2012, I had the surgery on my right foot and recovery started. I had several follow up visits to Dr. Slavitt’s office and eight weeks later I was told it was complete.

The surgery that I had is called a Bunionectomy with joint replacement. After the surgery I had the typical swelling and discomfort but compared to the pain that I endured for the two decades, it was minor. Now at the end of the day when I sit down and compare my two feet I wish I had seen Dr. Slavitt sooner.

I am so please with Dr. Slavitt, his staff and how everything has turned out, I have scheduled the surgery for the other foot. Not that I am looking forward for the surgery I am looking forward to my feet NOT hurting when I get home.

I would like to take this moment to Thank Dr. Slavitt and his staff for improving my quality of life.