This letter is to thank the makers, Bio Pro, for the toe implant I recently had done. I am extremely pleased with it just as I was with the thumb implant. I suffer from severe arthritis and these implants have improved the quality of my life.

A foot specialist looked at my foot and wanted to do extreme surgery to remove a large bunion, straighten the toe and remove the arthritis. He said I would have to be in a non-weight bearing cast for 8 to 12 weeks. With the arthritis in my hands and shoulders I would not be able to use crutches so I was facing a wheelchair or be bedridden. Dr. Habryl, the excellent surgeon who did my thumb looked at my foot and said I was an excellent candidate for the toe implant. The surgery was more extensive than was expected but I was walking within 2 weeks in a special shoe. Also, it was basically pain free. What a difference than 8 to 12 weeks in a cast. These implants have given me greater movement and has helped greatly with the day to day pain I was experiencing.

My right hand needs an implant and both my knees need to be replaced and you can be assured I will be using BioPro products.