I have always enjoyed all kinds of needlecrafts and gardening. In the last 10-12 years my hands have gradually lost their grip & strength to the point that I haven’t been able to do crafts at all & this last summer had a very difficult time weeding & using pruners in the garden. After getting x-rays & talking with Dr. Habryl I decided to go ahead and get Modular Thumb Implants in both hands. I had the left hand done at the end of August and the right on the 1st of November. Both surgeries went very smoothly with very little to no pain. With my right hand being dominant I was able to get through physical therapy in 2 weeks time compared to a month with the left hand. With being only 3 months to 6 weeks post op I am able to open jars, turn door knobs & do my needlecrafts. I even have enough pinch strength to use a needle & thread. I am anxiously looking forward to winter being over so I can garden again.