A modular thumb patient is back to surgery


Dr. Duffner, an orthopedic surgeon in Palm Springs, CA, was contemplating early retirement due to painful arthritis in both of his thumbs. Now, thanks to the BioPro Modular Thumb and his surgeon Dr. Neil Jones, he is back to surgery. Listen as he shares his experience.

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Dan M.


On May 29, 2021, my left hand received a BioPro Modular Thumb Implant. Thanks to excellent physical therapy, the surgeon's skill, and your product's precision, my recovery from the first surgery was complete enough for the second surgery after only about three months. On August 19, 2021, I had a BioPro implant placed in my [...]

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Joy K.


I had my first BioPro implant put in January 2010 on my right thumb by Dr. John Thiel at Hayes Green Beech Hospital in Charlotte Michigan. I had such great success that when my left thumb started to go bad I sought out another surgeon who did this procedure. Dr. Thiel had retired. I found [...]

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Larry C.


For the past several years, I had been living with a persistent ache in my left hand. Holding a car steering wheel or bicycle handlebar was difficult; opening jars and bags was frustrating; working with tools would require ice therapy afterward. My doctor diagnosed an arthritic CMC joint and would occasionally inject cortisone for relief, [...]

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Yvonne I. – BioPro Customer Service


I have always enjoyed all kinds of needlecrafts and gardening. In the last 10-12 years my hands have gradually lost their grip & strength to the point that I haven’t been able to do crafts at all & this last summer had a very difficult time weeding & using pruners in the garden. After getting [...]

Yvonne I. – BioPro Customer Service2021-09-22T19:15:06+00:00
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