Title Name Direct Dial Extension Cell Email
Material Control Paul Hazlewood 810.388.6025  x 125 N/A phazlewood@bioproimplants.com
Customer Service Yvonne Ireland 810.388.6015  x 115 N/A yireland@bioproimplants.com
Director of Regulatory Affairs Kim Light 810.388.6010 x 110 N/A klight@bioproimplants.com
Director of Business Development Contract Manufacturing Dave Mrak 810.388.6001 X 101 N/A mrakd@bioproimplants.com
Marketing Manager Jason Pringle 810.388-6003 X 103 810.841.5379 jpringle@bioproimplants.com
C.E.O Patrick Pringle 810.388.6004 X 104 N/A pringle@bioproimplants.com
Marketing Event Coordinator Gayle Richards 810.388.6038 X 100 N/A grichards@bioproimplants.com
Director of Business Development Implants Jason Schneider 810.388.6006 X 106 810.841.6544 jschneider@bioproimplants.com
Accounting Laura White 810.388.6019 X 119 N/A lwhite@bioproimplants.com
Customer Service/ Accounts Receivable Therese Wydrzynski 810.388.6020 X120 N/A therese@bioproimplants.com