Go-EZ™ Screw System



  • Individually sterile packed
    • Allows easier lot control
    • Patient labels included
    • Eliminates the need for Bio-Burden testing necessary with non-sterile, implantables
  • Screw sizes and quantities are customizable to the surgeon/hospitals needs or preferences
  • Self drilling/self tapping - eliminates the need to pre-drill and tap
  • Drill bits are included in the instrument set for hard bone stock
  • Low profile head to resist pull through


Sharp Cutting Teeth

Go-EZ cannulated screws are individually sterile packed, ensuring the self-drilling cutting teeth at the ends are always protected allowing the screw tip to remain extremely sharp. The self-drilling and self-tapping design eliminates the need to pre-drill and tap, reducing OR time and costs.  Drill bits are included in the instrument kits though for cases of overly hard bone stock.

UDI Compliant

The US FDA Unique Device Identifier (UDI) system now requires all medical devices to include readable indentifying information.  The Go-EZ Cannulated screws are all individually sterile packaged, including easily readable labels containing size, item number, lot number, manufacture date, etc. This puts BioPro ahead of the curve with UDI regulations while simplifying the OR staff’s responsibilities.



Cost Effective

The Go-EZ system includes one compact, simple instrument kit for all screw sizes. Two kit options are available, offering either 2.0mm to 4.5mm screw compatibility or 2.0mm to 6.5mm screw compatibility in one instrument kit.  Go-EZ screws can be ordered in custom quantities and a variety of sizes, allowing for a cost effective, streamlined process.